AIC T-Hub Programs

Your one-stop destination for all your startup needs!


Ecosystem Connects

Creating outreach opportunities on national & international levels.


Knowledge Exchange

Fostering a culture of innovation that keeps our partners ahead.


Funding Support

Securing essential capital to fuel startup growth and innovation.


AIC T-Hub Amenities

Offering World-Class Workspace, Value Partner credits, Vibrant Peer Networks, and more.


Cohort-based Learning

Generating a sense of community by enabling learners to move through a course or series of courses together.


Distinguished Industry Leaders

Bringing together subject-matter experts to enhance learning and impact.


Market Access

Making it seamless for startups to build and grow their presence.

Your Journey to Success Starts Here!

Our gamut of high-impact programs span industries and geographies.


The program enables DeepTech startups (AR & VR, AI, IoT & Blockchain) to create new-age solutions for the Healthcare sector. In a 3-month cohort, startups are given exclusive access to the Healthcare ecosystem, guidance on business strategy, investor connects, and more.


This program enables tech startups working in the field of holistic sustainability in the focus areas of Agriculture (crop health and yield), Waste Management (recycling and minerals), Sustainable Lifestyle, etc., to accelerate their growth and much more. Startups will get access to the latest technologies, research facilities, investor connects, and more
Aerial Top Down Drone View: Autonomous Self Driving Car Moving Through City Highway. AI Visualization Concept


The program fosters tech startups working on innovative technologies that impact the Mobility sector. Through this platform, startups are provided an opportunity to leverage the Mobility ecosystem, mentorship on fine-tuning business plans, Government connects, and more.


The program aims to create a semiconductor ecosystem in India that encourages innovative research, cutting-edge solutions, and semiconductor supply chain initiatives to achieve growth.

AIC Space Tech

The focus of this program is on aiding Space Tech startups in commercializing their Innovations by providing market insights, assisting with business plans, and facilitating access to growth resources. Startups are provided access to mentors, industry experts, and govt connections for quick compliance, certification, and testing, and to build futuristic space technologies.


Providing solutions for the global IT and services industry

Custom IT solutions

Brainstorming new ideas and solutions for core IT industries. The beneficiaries are IT & software firms.

Profesional Teamwork​​

Teamwork is necessary to overcome hurdles. We ensure a ‘zero error probability’ through custom solutions.

IT Business Support​

Offering 24/7 IT support to our existing and new clientele. It helps in retaining our customer base.