Twenty-three startups are part of the second cohort of AIC (Atal Incubation Centre) T-Hub’s sustainability programme to foster innovation and drive sustainable solutions across the sector. 

The startups, which made it from about 400 applicants, will focus on key areas such as agricultural sustainability, environmental conservation, solid-waste management, climate technology, alternative fuels, green manufacturing and renewable energy.

A 100-day intensive programme scheduled between August 3 and November 10, it will provide an environment for startups to accelerate their growth, refine strategies and access the resources needed for success, T-Hub said in a release on Thursday.

The startups, through T-Hub’s network, will get to connect with mentors, domain experts and fellow founders while also gaining access to government compliance assistance, advanced technology facilities and essential information about grants and incentives.


T-Hub will create opportunities for potential partnerships with prominent MNCs and investment networks. In the previous cohort, 14 startups secured over ₹3 crore in grants/investment.